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hi!  You are on fleur's booking page.  I like to keep it simple, but i am flexible so do send me your requests!

The Bambino

2 hr  l  £250

Kids don't respond well to being forced on a chair, but give them a bit of freedom and anything could happen, including unique pictures!

The Big Event

1 hr  l  £150

However intimate, every event is big for those involved.  A good photographer uses instinct and anticipation to make a personal record.

The Wedding Belles

8 hr  l  £1500

Congratulations on your engagement!  Weddings can pass in a blur of excitement, so let me be your fly on the wall only less repulsive!

The Hello!

2 hr  l  £250

Most people feel comfortable & confident in their own environment, so how about I come to you for a relaxed portrait session?

The Primadonna Pet

1hr  l  £100

For feline, canine, equine, porcine, ovine, bovine, piscine, murine, leporine and serpentine friends.


£ you tell me

Pregnancy bumps, newborn lumps, fancy ladies, bouncy babies. A new tattoo? There's no taboo, whatever the celebration, you tell me the situation!

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