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I worked on the fashion desk of cosmopolitan and Marie Claire for 7 years.  my dream now is to shoot editorial fashion and I am looking for hair and make up artists to collaborate with.

As you may know, all fashion photographers, art directors, stylists, models and hair and make up artists start off by 'testing'.  They will work  closely together as a team with one common aim: beautiful images for their portfolios.  There is no money involved as it is an investment in their careers and creative development.  Beautiful portfolios can lead to paid editorial/advertising work and hopefully published work. 

In London, putting together a team is easy as all creative agencies have new talent that needs both the experience and the pictures.  But we are not in London.  we are in Northampton.  let's make it happen regardless of geography!

I have scouted models in the past and will be holding castings over the coming months to find some local new faces.

Editorial H&M is quite different from commercial work.  In fashion we are very much driven by a narrative, not necessarily by trying to make the client look their absolute best.  This means that we might actually want flyaway, messy hair or smudged mascara, for eg.  I know that H&M creatives often don't have the freedom to experiment or do the work they want to do, so I thought it might be helpful to show you the kind of beauty aesthetic that inspires me and that I will be striving for.  Below is a mood board to illustrate.  As you can see, I like things to be natural rather than contrived.  I'm definitely not into contouring or 80s looks for now, though I do love a bit of face paint when appropriate.

If you like what you see and know that you can achieve these kinds of looks, I really want to hear from you.  I will be art directing the shoots and need to ensure we are all on the same page in order to achieve a coherent story. 

We are blessed to live in a multi cultural town and I will celebrate diversity in the work.  experience with different skin tones and afro-Caribbean hair would be great. 

Please send examples of recent work to or show me your website/insta. 

really looking forward to hearing from you!


please note that the below images are not my work. credit and thanks to the talented people who made them

marthe wiggers 00.jpg
hair 05.jpg
hair 02.jpg
angelo seminara hair 02.jpg
angelo seminara hair.jpg
hair 04.jpg
hair 07.jpg
hair 06.jpg
hair 08.jpg
hair 10.jpg
hair 12.jpg
hair 19.jpg
hair 18.jpg
hair 17.jpg
hair 15.jpg
hair 14.jpg
hair 16.jpg

make up

mu 13.jpg
mu 15.jpg
mu 14.jpg
mu 10.jpg
mu 11.jpg
mu 09.jpg
mu 06.jpg
mu 01.jpg
mu 00.jpg
mu 08.jpg
mu 16.jpg
mu 17.jpg
mu 03.jpg
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