Welcome to the official page of lockdown portraits Northampton

My thoughts are with family and friends of Dennis, who sadly passed last week after contracting Covid. He was a lovely, gentle man and i am happy to have spent some time photographing him.

I am in the final stages of making the book.  By the end of next week I will have sent a digital copy to the printers who will produce a dummy for me.  Once I have checked through this and am happy with it, the book will essentially be ready to order!

Some of the images from the project will also be exhibited by Northampton Museum and Art gallery in due course. 

Project background

When I started out, I had no idea how popular my community project would become.  Whilst cycling and walking all over Northampton, I photographed over 200 socially distanced portraits.  The idea was not only to make a photographic record of people in our town during an unprecedented lockdown, but also to bring some light relief to fellow humans in  a time of isolation and bewilderment.


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