Fleur Debruyne photographer

portrait photographer, children's photographer, baby photographer, wedding photographer

i don't see myself as a photographer, but as an artist whose medium is light and time.  My camera is just a tool, a possibility.  People are often surprised that I can produce the work I do with a basic DSLR.  My most important asset will always be something intrinsic that can't be bought: life experience. 


My souls are well worn after walking many a path from top fashion stylist to homeless mother.  My pictures stem forth from being me; an immigrant, a woman, a survivor, a pilgrim, an oddball, an enquiring mind.  i think it helps me see inside people and respect their personal journey.  people are endlessly fascinating.  everybody has a story.


there is tremendous beauty in everything, potential in every moment, but blink and you’ll miss it!

'the instrument is not the camera, but the photographer.' eve arnold